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Brothel Simulator [GoldBerg]

In 2369, Barclay assisted Alexander Rozhenko with writing a holodeck program of Deadwood, South Dakota in the Ancient West. Barclay included a prostitute and brothel in the simulation (likely forgetting it was to be a child's program), which Lieutenant Worf did not appreciate for his son's sake. (TNG: "A Fistful of Datas")

Brothel Simulator [GoldBerg]

Molly works out of a grubby brothel, saving money so she can find Ellen and take her to California to start anew. But when a client attacks her, in the chaos of defending herself, Molly accidentally sets fire to the brothel and knocks the cruel madam to the ground, where her clothing catches fire, killing her. Molly flees, eventually settling in New Orleans, but the Pinkertons catch up to her and return her to New York, where she is put on trial for murder.

Two petty thieves wind up as errand boys for a prostitute they were hired to kidnap. However, having them around proves to be bad for business and she is kicked out of the brothel by her den mother. They take to the streets and must get by the best they can. 041b061a72


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