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Top 10 Tekla Extensions You Should Know About - BIM Corner

the tekla bimsight 1.0 has been released. it is the first version of the system for the pc. tekla is a program for architectural modelling and designing that can be used on different operating systems as windows, mac, linux, ios and android.

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tekla bimsight is a professional modeling and design software that combines the bim and architecture fields into a single toolset. tekla bimsight provides many useful features which allow to efficiently create realistic modelling of buildings and their components. it includes various functionalities and features: tekla bimsight allows the user to process a lot of different data: shape, texture, parameters and more. tekla bimsight saves time in managing different file types and their respective features.

2016 3d modeling and visualization competition. the 2016 3d modeling and visualization competition included architecture, visual effects, and construction applications. this year, the jury of experts sought to find the best entry in each of these categories.

the jury announced the winner of the 2016 3d modeling and visualization competition in the following categories: architecture, visual effects, and construction. the winning entries for architecture are (in alphabetical order):

i downloaded the tekla installer. on the first installation screen, i selected the 32-bit and the 32-bit version of windows. i tried installing in different locations: c: drive, the installation directory c:\tekla and the installation directory c:\program files (x86). i did not have luck.

i really want to do everything i can and be a friend of software but it is really difficult to learn new programs everytime a new version is released. i will surely check out the documentation and the user forum, i was looking at this time around.


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