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Hare Kanch Ki Chudiyan Serial Story

Hare Kanch Ki Chudiyan Serial Story

Hare Kanch Ki Chudiyan was a Hindi-language television series that aired on Sahara One from 2005 to 2007. It was based on a novel of the same name by Gulshan Nanda. The story revolves around Khushi, a simple and innocent girl who gets married to Shashank, a rich and arrogant businessman.



The serial begins with Khushi's wedding with Shashank, who is the son of a wealthy industrialist. Khushi belongs to a middle-class family and has a loving father, a caring mother, and two sisters. She is unaware of Shashank's true nature and thinks that he loves her. However, Shashank only marries her to please his father, who wants him to settle down. He does not respect Khushi and treats her like a servant. He also has an affair with his secretary, Nisha.

Khushi tries to adjust to her new life and win Shashank's love, but she faces many difficulties and humiliations. She also has to deal with Shashank's family, who are cold and hostile towards her. Shashank's mother, Savitri, is a cruel and dominating woman who hates Khushi and wants to separate her from Shashank. She also has a son, Rajat, who is mentally unstable and obsessed with Khushi. Rajat tries to harm Khushi several times, but she escapes with the help of her friend, Rohit.

Rohit is a doctor and Khushi's childhood friend. He loves Khushi secretly and wants to protect her from Shashank and his family. He also helps Khushi in her studies, as she wants to become a doctor like him. Rohit is the only person who understands Khushi and supports her in her troubles.

As the serial progresses, Khushi discovers Shashank's affair with Nisha and confronts him. She also learns that Shashank is involved in illegal activities and has framed Rohit for a murder. She decides to leave Shashank and expose his crimes. She also realizes that she loves Rohit and wants to be with him.

However, Shashank does not let her go easily and tries to stop her by using various tactics. He threatens to harm her family, blackmails her with false evidence, and even attempts to kill her. He also tries to create misunderstandings between Khushi and Rohit.

Will Khushi be able to escape from Shashank's clutches and start a new life with Rohit? Will Shashank pay for his sins and repent for his actions? Will Khushi fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor? These are some of the questions that the serial answers in its climax.



Snigdha AkolkarKhushi

Mihir MishraShashank

Raj LoganiRohit

Sonia KapoorNisha

Rajlaxmi SolankiSavitri

Dharmesh VyasRajat

Raj Singh VermaKhushi's father

Shishir SharmaShashank's father

Addite ShirwaikarKomal (Khushi's sister)

Vijaya GunjanSania (Shashank's sister)


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