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Centennia Historical Atlas [PORTABLE] Full Access Code Free

Centennia Nations Edition is available for free. Download it below.Centenia Nations Edition covers the 150-year period from 1789 to 1939 and is available at no cost. To access the full time period, all ten centuries from 1000 AD to the present, you will need to purchase an access code. All data are included in this download. If you decide to purchase an access code in the future, you will not need to download again, and you will have immediate access to the full ten centuries in the Complete Edition of the Centennia Historical Atlas.

Centennia historical atlas full access code free


The latest version of the atlas, Centennia Historical Atlas: Nations Edition, is available at no charge. It's free. Centennia Nations Edition covers the 150-year period from 1789 to 1939, from the beginning of the French Revolution through the Napoleonic Wars, the revolutions of the mid-19th century, the unifications that led to the creation of the modern nation-states of Germany and Italy, the wars of liberation in the Balkans in the early 20th century, the First World War, the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, the creation of the modern map of the post-colonial Near East, the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s, the rise of Nazi Germany, and the events leading to the Second World War. All of the data, maps, and text for the complete edition of the Centennia Historical Atlas covering the ten-century period from the year 1000AD to the present are included in the app and can be accessed by entering a license code (available for purchase).

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