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So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 Download Episodes

The sixteenth season of So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD), an American dance competition reality show on FOX, returned on June 3, 2019.[1] The series has won numerous awards since its debut in 2005, including eleven Emmy Awards for Outstanding Choreography, the most for any show.[2] This panel of judges again features series creator Nigel Lythgoe, as well as the return of ballroom dance champion and expert Mary Murphy. New to the panel are choreographer Laurieann Gibson and B-boy dancer/choreographer Dominic "D-Trix" Sandoval, who serve as the third and fourth judges during auditions and live shows.[3] Cat Deeley continues in her role as host for a fifteenth consecutive season, for which she has earned five Emmy Award nominations.[4] The grand prize is $250,000,[5][a] a cover article in Dance Spirit, and the title of "America's Favorite Dancer".[6]

so you think you can dance season 8 download episodes

The five episodes of Judges' Auditions each featured about six full-length dance routines; with an introduction package about the contestant, critique, and vote from the judging panel. Only a few of those were excluded from moving to The Academy Rounds; the successful auditioners were given a "Golden Ticket" to the Academy. In addition, montages of auditions were also mixed in with the full ones, showing a mix of some voted through.[1]

So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation is the 13th season of So You Think You Can Dance, an American dance competition show. The show premiered on Monday, May 30, 2016, in a new format featuring dancers between ages 8 to 13 at the time of their auditions. The season was broadcast on Fox in the United States, one show each week on Mondays, as it was the previous season.[1] The top prize remained $250,000, and Cat Deeley continued as host.[2]

Auditions were held in Los Angeles, CA, Chicago, IL and New York City. 100 dancers were selected by the judges for the Dance Academy portion of the season, in which 10 contestants were selected by, and paired with, "all-stars" from previous seasons, who mentored and performed with them during the live performance episodes.[1][3]

Season 13 featured a significant shift in format in that the contestants were all between the ages of 8 and 13 at the time of their auditions. Approximately 100 dancers were selected from the auditions for the next segment of the season, the Dance Academy. From these, the top 50 were chosen, and finally the top 10 were selected as contestants by a So You Think You Can Dance "all-star" who provided mentorship during the live shows and participated as a duet partner with his or her contestant in performances.[3][5]

Dance Academy week was split among two episodes. The June 20 episode covered the first day of the academy. The first task for the 10 all-stars was to watch solo dances by each of the contestants were sent through from the auditions. From these, each all-star selected five dancers (at least three from their own dance style), from the large number of auditioners, to join their "team". If a dancer was selected by more than one all-star, he or she could choose which all-star's team to join.[9][10] Choreographer Warren Carlyle and the all-stars then taught the 50 remaining competitors a Broadway couples dance routine in 90 minutes, and dancers from each team were paired with dancers from another team.[10] After all of the couples danced, each all-star was required to cut one dancer from his or her team, leaving a total of 40 contestants. Throughout the episode, Maddie Ziegler and Cat Deeley interviewed successful competitors.[9][11]

The final four competed on Labor Day. Audience voting after this show was combined with the votes from the August 29 show to determine the results of the season, so there was no elimination this week.[30] The show again opened with a group number for the remaining contestants and the all-stars. The four contestants danced another routine, and later so did the all-stars. Each contestant performed a duet with an all-star who was not his or her mentor, in a new genre, and each also danced a solo in his or her own genre. Finally, the contestants each reprised their favorite routine of the season with their usual all-stars.[31]

The episode began with a group dance for all the contestants and all-stars that began with the Top 4 contestants waking up and getting ready for the big day. There were also new group dances for the hip-hop finalists and their all-stars; the ballroom finalists and their all-stars; and the contemporary finalists (plus Emma) and their all stars. In addition, there was a new group routine for all the finalists plus Maddie Ziegler, and Cat Deely chose to reprise her favorite all-stars routine. During the course of the broadcast, each of the Top 4 reprised their favorite solo of the season, each judge chose two favorite routines to see again, each of the all-stars chose a favorite duet to reprise, and other duets were reprised as described below. Results were announced during the last hour of the show as follows: Emma placed 4th, Tate was 3rd, J. T. was runner-up, and Kida won the $250,000 top prize and will be featured on the cover of Dance Spirit magazine.[32]

Ever wonder where these performers would be without music to help tell their stories? This season featured a number of tracks from APM Music, including the Sonoton track, "The Moment," that helped "break up" final four couple Tiffany & Cyrus in one of their last dances.

"I wanted to suggest to the producers so bad Abby Lee [Miller] but then I was like, 'I don't think that they'd think it was a good [idea],'" quipped Siwa. "I was like, it was kind of a joke but also it would work out so well. She is a dance brilliant genius. I was like, 'But they're in such a state of like what the hell are we gonna do now' that I'm like maybe [I] shouldn't tease them with that right now. Maybe shouldn't."

The stakes are higher than ever in Season 17 of So You Think You Can Dance after the choreography round of competition, where the group of dancers had one day and limited chances to prove to judges tWitch, Matthew Morrison, and JoJo Siwa that they deserve to be part of the Top 12 who will continue on. The episode ended before the reveal of those lucky twelve who impressed the judges enough to keep dancing, but the final minutes featured Siwa deciding on who she thinks will win based on how they've performed so far. But will she be right?

Well, that's, that's exciting. And I think beyond dance, if I if I've looked correctly, you also do stage performances. Can you talk to me a little more about that and what that might entail if I want to not just dance but also perform what does that look like?

So the goal of Chance to Dance is equal arts opportunities. And so with equality, we want to mirror a traditional dance studio, a traditional dance school. So we run season round, and we do it semester wise. So we follow the school calendar schedule, and we do our fall season is August to December, our spring season is January to May. And then, of course, summer is June to July.

So if you're needing some student volunteer hours as a high school student, and you're a dancer, this would be a great opportunity. And I think my last question would be how, what if I'm not in the backyard where Chance to Dance is, and I want to get this started? I love your thought of just offering some dance lessons. So that's great. If you're a dancer, what if it's the flip side,

Hello and welcome to Yes Yes. This is my monthly advice podcast for you, the paid subscribers of the Monday Monday newsletter. It is August here in Northern Michigan. The sun is rising over the bay. It's a beautiful day here up in the meadow. I'd love to paint a picture of what's happening, but first - you can listen to this in the apple podcast's private feed of Yes Yes. That will also give you alerts when there's a new episode, you can download it. You can listen to it in your browser and every month is transcribed. So you can also read it. You can read along while you're listening. You can take screenshots of the transcription and text it to a friend, post it on social media and tag @marleegrace, or include it in your own newsletter. I always appreciate and love to hear what you think of the episode and to see y'all share it with other people in your own community. The comments are always open on Yes Yes. If you'd like to share any of your own thoughts, what's been working for you the past month, anything you're excited about, I'd love to hear.

Okay, here's how book writing works. Ha just kidding. I don't know. Just kidding. Yes I do. That's that's how I feel. That's how it feels for me to tell anyone anything, I think I walk through the world somewhat baffled that I've begun, worked on and finished anything, whether it's a quilt, a dance, this podcast, a newsletter, a book and this cup of coffee. And I think the thing I'm working on so much in my own life right now is celebrating my accomplishments and I mean - accomplishments, I'm talking like the the dishes being cleaned, or folding my clothes after I do my laundry, I'm not necessarily saying like the accomplishments of my career and I do mean the accomplishments of my career. So I appreciate this question and, and being seen as a writer and an author, which is factually what I am.


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