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I have tried to collect every performance boost, fps increase information in this thread, I hope this helps others as much as it has helped me. You can go for lower setting than this, but it will come at a high price...


I was under the impression that the boost mode would only be available on games that are patched/updated to receive it by the developers yet this article seems to suggest that all games will receive an automatic boost that can then be further improved upon with a developer update - could someone please confirm which is actually the case??? If it is the case that all games are boosted then what was all the talk about the GPU downclocking to PS4/Pro speeds for backwards compatible games???

@Only1PJA Since no one responded on here, I believe the only games that will see an automatic fps boost, are those that had unlocked framerates, usually capped at 60 fps but unable to get there. E.g. God of War (in performance mode) and Sekiro hovered in the 40-50 fps range. Some people prefer a locked 30fps, because of frame judder(?) but I was happy to have a much smoother game with occasional hitches. Now that ps5 has more power, those unlocked framerates will max out at 60fps, and I don't think the developers had to do a thing. Unfortunately, God of War could probably run 4K 60fps in but that might require code to changed, so it will only affect performance mode (1080p) for now.

@get2sammyb question for you or anyone else and forgive me if this is a dumb one, will game boost require a ps4 game to be installed on the internal ssd or can the benefits still be there if playing a ps4 game off an external hard drive? TIA!!

Those are all very nice gains but this list is for more specific PS5 updates that require a patch and the game boost functionality I.e. going from 30 to 60fps or new 4K modes or load times being even further enhanced for PS5.

@Shoulderknight Coming from a launch model PS4, all the games I have played that have PS4 Pro enhancements are using the enhancements. The difference in Ark, for example, is extraordinary. Before the Game boost patch for God of War I could choose the PS4 Pro performance or graphics modes. I never played Persona 5 on my base PS4 and do not have Tony Hawk, so cannot speak to your specific examples, however.

Another Battle Royale enters the arena, this time it is EA with Apex Legends. As with other popular Battle Royale games, it is free to play. In this guide, we will go over how you can gain the best settings, by tweaking your in-game settings and your graphics cards settings to gain a boost in performance and increased FPS (frames per seconds). In a competitive environment, you want to squeeze out as many frames as possible.

To ensure that you are getting high frames and the Best Performance in Apex Legends. We must configure its advanced Settings from Nvidia Control Panel. These Settings are normally not found within the game, and many people completely ignore it. Changing these settings for Apex Legends application will have a larger effect than any other method in this guide. Pay close attention to all settings, and check them twice while you are it.

You can also see if a game you are running has FPS Boost (and Auto HDR) enabled by tapping the Xbox Button on your controller while playing and a guide overlay indicator will appear in the upper right-hand corner telling you if the features are enabled or not.

Shadow Distance controls the view distance of shadows, unsurprisingly, adding some much-needed depth to distant detail. The trade-off is a reduction in the detail of shadows as the setting is raised, as you can see in our images and comparisons below.

Above we've documented what we believe to be the most useful of tweaks. Many old favorites from Skyrim no longer work, numerous lines in the configuration file have no noticeable or positive impact on image quality, and of the hundreds of in-game console commands we're expecting the majority to be locked down in the retail release of the game. Those that remain will undoubtedly be tested by experienced Skryim modders, and should they find anything of note we'll be sure to update the guide.

Image Scaling is something that should be done in every game that you play that needs a little boost. You sacrifice a very small amount of the visuals(not even detectable, to be honest) and in return get a whole boost in performance.

If you do want to go even further, Overclocking is something that you might do too. I will not include it in this guide as it required some background knowledge so go ahead and look for a strict and clear guide for your PC specifications. Throttle stop and Afterburner are good for trying.

On the other hand, your Model 3 or Model Y's quick acceleration will result in quicker tire wear. Additionally, it can result in decreased efficiency, which results in higher ownership costs. However, this does depend on the individual and how often they take advantage of the speed boost.

In a surprising twist, Elon Musk appeared on Top Gear in 2020, discussing Tesla's progress and the future of electric vehicles with the show's presenters. Though Clarkson was not involved in the episode, the appearance marked a notable moment in the rivalry's history.

The Tesla Manual App is divided into two sections: "Get to Know Your Tesla" and "Owner's Manual." The former is an interactive guide designed to help Tesla owners become more familiar with their vehicle's features, while the latter contains detailed information on every aspect of the car.

The "Owner's Manual" section of the app offers a comprehensive guide to every aspect of the car. This portion of the app includes in-depth information on everything from vehicle maintenance to troubleshooting and beyond. Tesla owners can access this section to find answers to their questions and better understand their car's various systems and components. The vehicle's user manual was already available in the car through Controls > Service > Owner's Manual, but linking to it through this new app makes it more discoverable.

The Tesla User Manual App offers a fresh and innovative approach to vehicle user guides, taking advantage of the car's advanced infotainment system. This app's interactive nature allows Tesla owners to familiarize themselves with their vehicle's features and troubleshoot issues more efficiently.

If flying online on networks such as VATSIM, note that under the TRAFFIC page, the Ground Aircraft Density controls the amount of static aircraft at the gates, set this to zero. The other values under the TRAFFIC page should not be more than a value of 50 either. If your Internet connection is slower than 50 Mbps or experiencing heavy stutters even though not flying near any photogrammetry area, disable Photogrammetry under the DATA page. Enable Rolling Cache minimum of 8 GB only if using Photogrammetry, otherwise disable and delete it. With graphics settings explained in this guide, my FPS is solid 30, with the FPS limit set to 30. Next, check our Performance Boost Tricks to deal with most of the stutters left.

Every game in the list, which you can see in full below, will benefit from Auto HDR. Additionally, original Xbox games are granted a 4x resolution increase on Xbox Series X and Xbox One X (with a still impressive 3x increase on Xbox Series S) and and a 2x resolution boost on Xbox One and One S.

Usually you can overclock memory (Video RAM/VRAM) between 10-15% to get a drastic performance boost in games that rely heavily on it, especially ones with lots of textures to load. In the case of our Titan Xp, its memory runs at 5,505 MHz, so I was easily able to push it by 400-500 MHz. My advice is to start lower, go with increments of 50 MHz, and work your way up until you hit a limit. Note that games react very differently to a high memory clock. Some will run significantly faster with no problem, others might shows artifacts. I initially had a memory overclock of +700 MHz in place, which worked fine for all games except my two favorites, The Witcher 3 and Nier: Automata. Had to dial back. (Sad trombone.)

You see, most laptops feature high-power components squeezed inside a tiny chassis with limited amounts of airflow. Overclocking the GPU would lead to an increase in heat (more operations = higher temperature) so you would hit thermal limits. During gameplay sessions, your laptop might turn off and reboot. However, even with limited overclocking ability, you can achieve some boost on laptops. Take the Surface Book, for example: Before the overclock, the framerate in Far Cry Primal dropped to 44 FPS...

On the left, we have last years Assassins Creed Odysseys, which struggles to reach a solid 60 FPS on even high-end hardware at 4K resolution. Overclocking took it a bit closer to that magic number. On the right, Shadow of the Tomb Raider benefitted quite noticeably from overclocking, managing to boost the FPS from 91 to 110 in SLI mode.

Looking for information on every V Rising blood type? There are 7 different blood types in V Rising, each offering different stat boosts and buffs to your character, who has a blood pool that will slowly diminish over time. If your blood pool is empty, you'll take damage until you fill it again. You can fill your blood pool by using the Feed ability ("F" key) on the various creatures and enemies in the world of Vardoran.

However, drinking blood will also change your blood type. Bandits and soldiers may give you a blood type that boosts your damage and defence, while animals in the Farbane Woods may increase your speed. The range of effects is broad, and you'll want to switch blood types often to become a V Rising pro. If you want to know more about every V Rising blood type and the effects of blood quality, we're here to help.

In this V Rising blood type and blood quality guide, we'll break down each of the 7 blood types and explain the various boosts and abilities they grant depending on the blood quality you have. We'll also cover how to get 100% blood quality and how to use servants for a constant supply of high quality blood. 041b061a72


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